A Faithful follower of Jesus, Husband, and Dad of three amazing kids…. “Drew” has spent 5 years working with at risk students full time, traveled around the entire world in which he visited 14 different countries in 6 months, spent 3 years working as a land developer – successfully bringing to completion a high end neighborhood in Walloon Lake MI, and 16 years as the executive director and President of White Stone Project 501c3 (produced the Big Ticket Festival along with many other events).

Drew serves TSG clients to maximize their brand and engage donors and consumers into the nonprofit mission.  Drew also is a founder, shareholder, and CEO of Price Slide LLC (a Social Dynamic Sales Platform).  Price Slide is unique in that it leverages the “early bird sale” in a way that will 2x-4x that sale when used properly.  Price Slide just closed its first round of funding and currently holds a pending patent for the embodiment of “social dynamic pricing” protecting how their software uniquely leverages this dynamic group buying process to engage 3rd party reference marketing to a level never seen in a controlled and replica table process before.

Price Slide’s “engineer team” currently takes projects from concept to completion with vast experience in UI/UX design, web development & optimization, social media, customer/client services, overall project management and event production expertise.

The team Drew leads for TSG not only bring an ability to execute a great product but also bring years of experience in event production especially in the music industry.