Russ Licht has over 30 years experience helping leaders develop operational capacity to support their mission’s goals. Working extensively across cultural boundaries, both overseas and at home, he understands how to align an organization’s technology, finances, recruiting and communications systems with their leadership’s vision.

As a leadership coach, Russ helps executive leaders grow their own internal capacity. He also works with leadership teams to develop their God-given aptitudes and combined strengths to produce high performance teams. One of Russ accomplishments has been to identify, recruit and develop emerging leaders for operational leadership roles at a national and international level.

Russ specializes in:

– Building tomorrow’s leaders from today’s employees.

– Identifying the right people for leadership and decision making teams.

– Leading teams to make strategic technology decisions for less money and faster results.

– Using Internet Class solutions.

– Finding solutions that benefit the whole organization.



  • Leadership Coach – individuals
  • Leadership Development – teams
  • Teacher and curriculum developer
  • Technology Consulting
  • Operational Strategist


Russ’s Services:

  • Leadership Coaching – One-on-One professional coaching to:
  • Leadership Development – Growing high performance teams by:
  • Leadership Assessments for Digital Maturity – will measure and inform to help you better understand:
    • What does a “digitally mature” leader look like.
    • What leadership transformations need to take place in an organization.
    • How to lead a large project in a “digitally mature” manner.


Type of NonProfits Served:

  • International Missions
  • Youth Ministries
  • Churches
  • Job Training & Personal Development Services



B.S. Computer Engineering and B.S. Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University



  • Extensive work in North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Eurasia
  • Operations Leadership Coaching and Development Leader with CCCI
  • Digital Strategist with Campus Crusade for Christ, International (CCCI)
  • Senior Engineer with CCCI
  • R&D Engineer with Hewlett Packard