Ted has served as a non-profit professional for nearly 35 years. The bulk of his experience comes from serving as Development Director for The Boy Scouts of America as well as Development Director and Director of Volunteers for The Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville, Alabama.

Ted is an experienced and proven fundraiser. His touch with donor relations made him a valuable member of the team with his previous employers. Ted also excels in community outreach. He’s consistent in securing media exposure and he understands how to effectively recruit volunteers and how to build lasting relationships with them.

It is his teaching and leadership abilities that help build those bonds. He’s an encourager, giving people belief in themselves and in the work so they can sustain and stay the course.

This tremendous involvement in all facets within the field of non-profits has afforded him the tools to teach and share that knowledge with others.

His unique skillset and gracious approach provide a distinctive opportunity to consult with those non-profits that are looking to grow. This work is about hearts and minds and to Ted, no one is a stranger. He’s as comfortable in the boardroom as he is on the street.