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Increase Your Missional Impact

The Savage Group's philosophy is built on a passage from Ephesians 4 which calls us to:

"Equip the Saints for Works of Service"

Individual Coaching

In each season of life, we really value that single mentor, coach, or friend who can competently come alongside us and bring out our very best.  The format, frequency, and time frame for each session may vary because each of us possess individual preferences and priorities that require a custom approach.


Those considering individual executive coaching will have an interview, complete a personal inventory, and co-design the format and frequency.  Depending upon the “urgency” most meet twice per month at first and then adjust as needed.  Certain work is assigned to complete in between sessions as an application of what is learned. Further self-assessments and readings are generally required.


Of greatest import is that candidates have a goal and vision for what they want to accomplish and who they want to become.


Your qualifying interview can be scheduled HERE.

Peer-Group Cohorts

While there are many learning styles, we have found that retention and application of our proprietary Leadership and Stewardship principles shows up more frequently when learning occurs amidst a peer group. The TSG Peer Groups that surface in our Virtual Leadership Institute provide confidentiality, encouragement, objectivity, third-party perspective, accountability, practical application, diversified resourcefulness, and a new leadership network of high-caliber lifetime friends!


Each group convenes twice each month, one quarter at a time, with a progressive set of learning modules you explore together with a group of about a dozen peers under the guidance of an experienced Facilitator. The focus is personal, building upon your calling and competence in the context of your ministry organization. Together, we move through the Personal to the Professional and the Organizational, grounded in the essence of your intimate Christian Faith. Graduates indicate they overwhelmingly achieve their goals with greater satisfaction and timeliness than they would have outside their Peer Group. To see comments from some prior participants, view this video now.


Applicants are invited to complete an initial inventory and then schedule an interview with one of our Facilitators. Enrollment is limited for each group and advance planning is required to hold your spot.


To see if you qualify and to begin the enrollment process, complete your application HERE.

Content Publishing & Promotion

We find that everyone has a “story” in them. In that story is a vast treasure of learnings for the rest of us. It often reveals how God guides us down his chosen path in his efforts to make us better…to make us more like him!


For the creator there is a real blessing in the journey of telling that story, and for the rest of us a real blessing in embracing that story.  When we find ourselves in your story, it becomes alive and real and transformational.

The Publishing & Promotion team at SAVAGE PRESS long to help you create and share your story with the thousands that need to hear it!  Some of us can write, but many of us need help.  Whatever your “gifting” may or may not be in the storytelling process, let us come alongside you with our hybrid model of publishing, promotion, and connection.  


Click HERE to book an exploratory call.

Global Community

If you’ve spent any time on our website before you got here, you will see that our core mission and methodology is to affirm your calling and connect you with a community like-minded peers.  We have served hundreds of executive, board, and staff leaders and we are now moving to pull them together and raise up an army of spirit-led servant-minded leaders…emerging, existing, and enduring.  Our bold vision is to serve and connect over one million leaders by 2050.  Might you be among them?


The Savage Leaders who make up The Savage Tribe are called and committed to continue their journey of growth as a Christian Leader and will agree to disciple others on a similar journey.


Within the next year, we will offer resources and support that enable you to live out this commitment and grow with faith and confidence…regardless of the ministry context in which you find yourself today.


If you’d like to be among the first 100 Charter Members of The Savage Tribe, reach out to us here so we can ensure you learn more about your personal Pathway to the Promised Land.

Organizational Consulting

Having served over 150 clients in deep transformational work (often over 12-36 months), we’ve observed that our clients are either doing “great” and simply want a guide to take them to the next level OR they have a present-day problem with which they need objective third-party help to resolve right away.  Which one are you?


The key here is that you need to move from “doing all the work” yourself to “building a team that does the work.”  In other words, your primary job description just changed to that of a “Team Builder.” Consequently, our work in Organizational Consulting moves beyond the individual and into a group dynamic. In particular, TSG works to cultivate alignment between the Board and Board Chair, the CEO and Executive Team, and the Revenue Function or Team (whether fee income and/or donor revenue).  We need all three working together with common mission, vision, and action plan.


In order to determine if we should work together, we need to agree on the desired vision or problem to be solved and which voices should speak into that. An initial call or meeting with those “voices” is the best place to start. If we can agree on our focus, then TSG will propose a process, timeline, and budget to accomplish that goal.  The stories from other clients can be reviewed here.  


Or book an initial consultation NOW.

National Conferences

TSG Consultants serve a number of “Tribes” that represent different sectors of Christian Ministries or Church Denominations. We have served over 150 clients deeply and broadly, averaging three years together.  While each of these clients in each of these sectors have embraced the TSG DNA of Leadership and Stewardship principles, many have asked if they could “cross-pollinate” across their sector and meet other leaders serving the Lord in different areas of ministry. Thus…the National Conference Concept was born.


If you enjoy dynamic fellowship with other peers and inhale learning from national and global thought leaders who are fulfilling their God-Given vision, you belong with this community.  


To learn more about the next National Conference and to pre-apply to hold your spot, complete this brief registration inquiry here.

Capital Raising

Years ago, the water well was the critical resource that made the living and economy in any village possible. So many of us are “called” into a mission and life focus independent of funding.  We just step into our Red Sea looking for the waters to part.  While each of us have a different scenario that has played out, we can’t ignore that a revenue and capital plan is vital moving forward.

Because of the abundant scripture in support of funding partnership with God, it is only right that we build our ministry upon this foundation. So many leaders just believe that “if you give us the money, we’ll take care of the ministry,” and yet that’s not God’s plan.

He wants us to build a ministry community where “all” are welcome and none are “spectators.”  That means your donors are not outside the circle, looking in, but inside the circle…right alongside you.


That core philosophy shapes “how” you build what we call a Donor Engagement MinistryÔ.  The donors are not there simply to fund your ministry, but they are “part” of your ministry.  In other words, you have a duty to minister to them as much as you minister to others.


TSG Consultants help you shape your philosophy and apply your theology in a manner that makes us all better…on the road to your Promised Land.  Whether you need to grow your monthly revenue, add a social enterprise, or embark on a significant capital campaign, we can guide you all along the way.


To book an exploratory call and determine how you go and grow “to the next level,” book a time today.

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